The Difference Between Paper Bags And Kraft Paper Bags


Today when environmental protection is advocated, many individuals, companies and even the society are paying more and more attention to the problem of pollution. Changes in this area can be reflected in many small things. For example, in the past, businesses used plastic products as packaging bags for goods, but now more and more paper bags and kraft bags are being produced. Then what is the difference between these two materials? Let the editor of China Paper Network give you a specific introduction:

Paper bag paper: Paper bag paper is a kind of paper similar to kraft paper. The main raw material of this paper is conifer kraft pulp. Some bamboo pulp, cotton stalk pulp and rag pulp are also mixed into paper bag paper produced in China. Therefore, the paper bag paper produced has strong mechanical properties. Paper bag paper has good toughness and is often used as a bag for cement, pesticides, fertilizers and other industrial products. In order to meet the filling requirements, the paper bag has certain requirements for air permeability and stretching rate.

Kraft paper: cartons, cement bag paper, high-strength corrugated paper and brown paper are all made of kraft paper. The main raw material of kraft paper is also conifer kraft pulp. The texture of kraft paper is tough, the strength is high, and the color is brown. From the appearance of paper, kraft paper can be divided into single-sided, double-sided, striped, and non-striped varieties. These varieties have different requirements for paper quality. Kraft paper is mainly used to make small paper bags and packaging bags. Kraft paper grades are usually divided into three grades: U, A, and B3.

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