Formulate New Measures To "ban Plastic" And Launch Paper Straw Degradation Bags


The most stringent "plastic ban" in Xi'an has entered the countdown. Recently, the reporter conducted an investigation on the current use of plastic products on the market and found that non-degradable plastic bags and plastic straws are still widely used.

In the "deadline", can the merchants fully implement the "plastic ban"? What countermeasures have been taken so far? On December 10, the reporter interviewed the "big users" of plastic products such as wholesale markets, supermarkets, and restaurants.

Wholesale market: find new sources of compliance

As the largest first-level vegetable wholesale market in the northern suburbs of Xi’an, Xi’an New North City Agricultural and Sideline Products Wholesale Market not only consumes a huge amount of plastic bags daily, but also serves as a wholesaler that continuously sells and provides plastic bags to various areas of Xi’an.

"At present, there are a dozen merchants engaged in plastic bag wholesale in the market." Zhang Feng, deputy general manager of the New Taipei City Market, told reporters. After receiving the most stringent “plastic ban” notification, they successively organized merchants to hold regular meetings, broadcast policies, and publish notices in WeChat groups, asking them to persuade these merchants to consume and process store memory as soon as possible, and also asked other merchants to do so. Good preparations for non-degradable plastic bags to be banned for use, seek alternatives.

Zhang Feng said that most of the merchants have an understanding and supportive attitude towards this regulation, "After all, it is about environmental protection, and everyone is still very active. However, as far as I know, the inventory of non-degradable plastic bags is not easy to handle during this period, because Many merchants are also aware of this policy and are waiting and watching, and there are fewer people buying goods." Zhang Feng introduced, and according to his understanding, most of these wholesalers have found a source of degradable plastics that meet the regulations, and they will be unified by then. , But the bag pricing is not easy to say at present.

"The Xi'an store will complete the replacement of non-degradable plastic bags before January 1, 2021." The person in charge introduced that in addition to the degradable material "platform" for shopping bags, Wal-Mart will also cooperate with suppliers in 2019. It is possible to reduce private-brand plastic packaging and improve the convenience of packaging reusability. Some products in Sam's Club use biodegradable and recyclable environmentally friendly paper, and are printed with non-polluting soy ink. In addition, the disposable tableware series such as corn starch-based cups, bowls, forks, spoons, and degradable garbage bags developed and produced by Wal-Mart are also popular. At this stage, Wal-Mart's degradable products account for 45% of disposable products. .

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