Which Is More Environmentally Friendly, Paper Bag Or Plastic Bag

Shopping bags, do you usually use paper bags or plastic bags? Every time we go shopping, we might ask ourselves this question. Considering the pros and cons of paper and plastic bags, even some environmentalists are confused by this simple choice. Experts say that the raw material of paper bags is wood, while plastic bags are crude oil. To make the shopping bags that Americans use every year, they need to consume 14 million trees, or 12 million barrels of oil. The production of paper bags causes 70% more air pollution than the production of plastic bags. But once plastic bags are produced, they are difficult to decompose naturally. They can last for hundreds or even thousands of years.

Due to the low production cost of plastic bags, American grocery stores usually choose plastic bags. But San Francisco restricts the use of plastic bags. Starting in April, the city will only allow the use of biodegradable plastic bags or recycled paper bags. Biodegradable plastic bags can decompose in a few months instead of centuries.

Whether it's paper bags or plastic bags, environmentalists advocate the same thing: recycling them. They further pointed out that the best option is of course to use a cloth bag and carry it with you.

The following are some basic data of paper bag PK plastic bag:

Plastic bag:

The world consumes 500 billion or 1,000 billion plastic bags every year.

Plastic bags are not biodegradable, but they can be degraded by light. Under the action of sunlight, they can decompose on their own.

High-density polyethylene plastic bags will not rot if buried in the ground for hundreds of years.

Plastic bags are one of the 10 most common types of garbage along the coast of the United States.

Paper bag:

The air pollution and water pollution caused by the production of paper bags are 70% and 50 times more than that of the production of plastic bags, respectively.

2000 plastic bags weigh about 30 pounds, 2000 paper bags weigh about 280 pounds, and discarded paper bags take up more space.

Recycling a pound of plastic bags requires 91% less energy than a pound of paper bags, and the energy used to produce paper bags is more than four times that of plastic bags.

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